My Top 22 Favorite Songs – 8) Sympathy for the Devil, Rolling Stones, Beggar’s Banquet

Reblogging this because I love the song, and it fits one of my characters rather well.

Raikespeare's Corner

It’s ironic that I like this song, given that it intersects two things that I normally dislike. The first is a put down of critics, i.e. “haters”. And the second is Satan.

And I don’t mean that I dislike Satan as a being or as an idea… although I suppose I do (and should)… but I really dislike how Satan, inferno and evil are used as plot devices in music. Gothic story elements are used way too often as a go-to motif for artists who lack the creativity to justify its inclusion. Almost always they don’t say anything about Satan except “He’s evil!!! Look at how evil he is!! And we’re evil too!!” Satan, in other words, just becomes a stand-in for what they are really trying to say, which is “Look at us! Look at how edgy we are! Look at how hard we are! Aren’t we so provocative…

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